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An empty window is like an unfinished work of art. Like a blank canvas that’s waiting for the first brush strokes, there’s something about windows that makes us want to dress them up a little. Functionality can only go so far without some sort of visual appeal to go along with it. We tend to operate more efficiently when our eyes are inspired, which is one of the reasons why many homeowners install exterior shutters for their windows.

Long before shades and blinds reigned supreme in the world of window treatment, shutters were a popular choice. At one time, glass wasn’t an affordable option for a lot of people. So, homes and peep portals were open to all the exterior elements. To keep their homes from being affected by dirt, bugs, rainwater, and debris, people used exterior shutters as an aesthetic and functional shield. Even those who could afford glass windows still used shutters — not just for their many other uses but to protect their glass windows. While glass is a lot more affordable, shutters are still being used in homes today.

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are an important addition that will protect your windows from high winds and flying debris. Extremely popular along the South Texas coast because of the hurricane threat, having storm shutters can actually lower your insurance payments due to the protection they provide.

Other Types of Window Shutters

Window shutters can be installed for privacy and security, as well as to keep outside elements from getting into your home. There are two main types of window shutters: interior and exterior. Here is a more detailed list of the different types of window shutters:

  • Full Height Shutters — These shutters have an elegant and popular style with which you can never go wrong. As the name suggests, they cover the windows from top to bottom (which will give you complete privacy). They will also give you control over how much light you want to enter the room. It will even reduce the amount of noise coming in from outside.
  • Shaped Shutters — These window shutters can be customized to fit any type of window regardless of its shape and size. They can be circular, oval-shaped, semicircular, or triangular.
  • Cafe Style Shutters — These window shutters are great for getting the most amount of light. If you live in a busy urban street, they will also give you more privacy.
  • Solid Shutters — These shutters are usually covered with solid wood and have a great deal of insulation. They work well in bedrooms, because it can provide the kind of dark and cozy environment that’s required for the perfect night’s sleep.
  • Tracked Shutters — These shutters are great if you’re looking for a track panel shutter that can give you varying degrees of light and privacy while also allowing you to mount or hang them in a folded concertina style. They can also be used as dividers if you want to partition an area of your living room or wardrobe.
  • Waterproof Shutters — These window shutters can withstand extreme amounts of moisture and humidity while giving you the luxury of natural light and privacy. If you need them for bathroom windows, these are the first shutters you should consider.
  • Bay Window Shutters — These window shutters are the perfect complement to Edwardian and Victorian homes. It will add more stylistic features with a clever mix of modern and traditional.
  • Conservatory Shutters — These window shutters can bring more shade to a hot room, which can be an advantage during the summer months. You can also adjust the light entering the room through louver manipulation, while also providing both insulation and privacy.
  • Raised Panel Shutters — These window shutters look similar to doors or kitchen cabinets. They can have either a single or double raised panel. Because they have a low profile, they can blend with almost any style of home.
  • Louvered Shutters — These window shutters have angled slats that will allow air and light to pass through. They have a more defined look than the more “low key” panel shutters. They also work best for homes that are ornate, classical, or casual in appearance.
  • Board and Batten (BnB) Shutters — Because of their simple construction, these window shutters have a rustic Old-World look. They’re made up of one to three boards that are held together with a thin cross panel, which can go horizontally or at an angle across the shutters.
  • Bahama Shutters — Also known as “Bermuda shutters,” these have a louvered design that are usually fixed at the top of the window (instead of to the sides). They’re used to let light and air in, but they can also protect your home from storms (which is why they’re often used in tropical regions).

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